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Accueil - Actus - NATIVE SPEAKERS


Ouverture sur l'extérieur! les élèves de 4° ont reçu des élèves internationaux de l'Edhec, non loin de chez nous,  pour leur poser des questions, échanger sur leur pays, leur coutumes... Voici leurs présentations.  

With the Euro English class, we had the opportunity to meet 4 Indians who are studying at the EDHEC.

Bhareni Dharen was born in Chennai.

He is 22 years old. At the moment, he is studying and living at the EDHEC business school. Bhareni dreams of being a president of a football club.

He really likes playing football and badminton. He also likes watching movies, TV shows or videos on YouTube. Bhareni travels a lot, he visited France, Italy, Switzerland, Australia, South Africa and Malaysia. He started learning French two months ago. Last week, he was in Paris for 5 days. His friends describe Bhareni like a friendly, funny and stupid boy. Biryani which is an Indian dish is Bhareni's favorite food. For him, a typical day is : Waking up, Having Breakfast, Going to classes, Working, Having dinner and Sleeping. He likes listening to DJ Snake. Lastly, he would love to go Norway to see northern lights.

César Leleu, Alexandre Melard, Achille Broyon 4E


Whaly, student at the EDHEC ! 

We will introduce you to one of these students, Whaly.

Whaly is from India, an emerging Asian country among the most populous ones in the world.

Whaly is a 20 years old boy. He has a younger brother, Subhash, and a dog.

His favourite subject; Mathematics.

Whaly has visited seven countries so far : Belgium, Italy, Sweden, Germany, Ireland, France and India of course. He says France is his favourite country.

Whaly enjoys playing cricket when he is in his country because Cricket is a very popular team sport in India. The rules of this game are similar to those of baseball. To do this, a batter throws the ball as far as possible, allowing him to run to a line about 20 yards away, in order to score a "run". Two teams go head to head.

The first will aim to score as many points as possible, while the second will have to score the same number of runs as the first, plus one. It was the English who imported cricket during the period of colonization.

This year Whaly is studying at EDHEC, the Ecole des Hautes Etudes Commerciales du Nord, it is a famous French business school, founded in Lille in 1906 and which welcomes many foreigners every year. EDHEC has five campuses (Lille, Nice, Paris, London and Singapore). The main campus is located today between the towns of Croix and Roubaix, next to Jeanne d'Arc school and the Barbieux park, in a 8.5 hectare park.

Arthaud Bracq 4B, Virgile Petit 4B

Bienvenue au collège...

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