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La Classe euro 4° avait rencontré des native speakers. Voici 3 articles.

Some pupils met native speakers on the 30th September 2019. We'll present you one of these, Dipankar.

He's an Indian man and he was born on the 26th January in Pune in India. Pune is a city of 3.75 million people located on the east coast of India

He lives and studies at the EDHEC, a buisness school in Croix, but he doesn't like studying.  He's an only child and his mother's name his Piyeli and his father is Anjan.

Dipankar likes eating Indian and French food (in general), he likes boxing and listening to Jazz.

His dream is to get a plane but, for the moment, he just builds small planes. They can bring packages!! He also wants to get a dog but he thinks it's annoying to look after it.

It was great to meet and talk to him and the other people, but it was hard to understand some of the native speakers because they have different accents.
·Who is he ?
His name is Sam and he’s 19.
He’s an English boy who came to France for an exchange so he has a pen-friend. He lives in London but he has travelled a lot ; he has been to Thaïland and to Australia. He saw the Opera house in Sydney and all the other monuments in Sydney. His family lives in England and he’s got an older brother. Thanks to his dad he loves sport especially rugby. He began it when he was only 5 years old. He’s sure that the English will win the rugby world cup!
 ·What does he like?
He loves the French language. He’s fond of James Bond movies. He’s crazy about stir fry and fish and chips! He really likes sports but he can’t bear the Brexit.
·What are his plans?
He really wants to have good marks at the university but he doesn’t know what he wants to do in the future. He’d love to learn to play the piano.  
Gwenn Lambrecht et Louison Deleignies
- Who is Aditya?
Aditya comes from India and his best friend lives in India too. He arrived in France two years ago to learn French because he likes French. He speaks Hindi. His surname is Paturi. He has one sister. Her name is Ildeal. He studies at the EDHEC. He wants to be a business man.
What does he like?
He really likes France (Paris), London, travelling, football, listening to rock music...He loves the colour black . His favourite subject is mathematics. He really likes eating bread and butter. His favourite movie is “pursuit of Happiness”.He is crazy about dogs and he has one. Its name is Nema.

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