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On thusday, 10th november, the pupils of Step 3 met the Emerald Isle Theatre Company which is a theatre company from Ireland. In the company we met 2 girls and 2 boys an Irish one and the other one is from England. They are acting in a play which is called Glendaloug mystery. It is the story of a young boy Felix who is sent to  his uncle's hotel because his parents haven't got time to look after him. The hotel is so boring, there is nothing to do but the dogs of a lodger disappear...




The actors and actresses did not know each other before acting in this play and they are going to be acting together for the next 8 months in schools in France and Belgium. Six pupils from step 3 were able to take part in the play and they really enjoyed it. We all loved it was funny and we could understand almost everything !!!

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