Accueil - Europe - PAULINE A LILLE


A native speaker in the european class 4°.


Pauline,an Australian girl in the European class...

Pauline 21, from Brisbane came to our class and we asked her some questions to get to know her better.

She's got one sister.Joy is 14 years old.Pauline would like to have a pet but her mum is

allergic to animals.

At the moment,Pauline is living in Lille,she loves French food,especially"French cheese " like camembert.She hates the weather in France but she still want to live in France(which is good) but with an Australian boyfriend.

After,she talked about what she wants to do like job:she wants to work in the fashion industry as a marketing manger...

We had a great time speaking English with her!!!

 Article written by Maxime 4°A



Bienvenue au collège...

Bonne reprise


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