A native speaker in the european section class .

Her name is Christie Mclean, she is 24 years old and she was born in Toronto, Canada. She studies Business in the University at Lille but in Canada she works with kids.


She is half Polish and half Japanese. She hasn't got a boyfriend. She likes reading and listening to music, she's keen on hanging out with her friends, she's interested in singing and dancing.

Her friends call her Chris but people think that her nickname sounds like a boy! She likes eating sushi, pasta and chocolate.She can't bear eating meat because she's a vegetarian.She really doesn't like raw carrots, she likes tuna, salmon and macro. She's a pescetarian.

Her dream is to be successful in her carer, she would like to put an end to animal cruelty.

Sometimes she has nightmares!!! that's scary. She has been to New-York, Florida and she likes 1D. She likes electro music, pop, RnB and country music. She's a very friendly person, she's a caring friend, also a cool and happy person.

She likes David Beckham, she can't bear spiders and haunted houses. She likes Sam Smith and she loves Demi-Levato. She speaks french with a cute accent, she likes to watch glee. Her mum is a quite and reserved person, she's kind and an excellent cook. Christie is planning to go to Ireland to Dublin next year.

Her favorite colour is yellow, she's crazy about roller costers and she loves writing stories. She learnt the guitar when she was younger but she can't play it anymore.

She said Toronto is a very nice country and she loves it. Her da dis a very loud person, he's kind person but quite excitable. Christie does a lot of silly things as tripping up on the road ! she is so FUNNY !!!

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