Accueil - Europe - VISITE A CANTERBURY


On Tuesday 17th June, we went to Canterbury. In the morning, we left to Roubaix at 5:50am. We took the shuttle to go to England. When we arrived, the sky was cloudy but we did the visit of Canterbury cathedral. We visited the nave, the cript, Thomas Becket's grave. It was nice, so we took a lot of photographs.


Next we joined other groups and we began the tour of Canterbury. We saw : Canterbury tales, Sun hotel... When we finished the visit, we ate food in a park. It was nice.

After, we did shopping with our pounds and pence. We were with our friends and the teachers weren't with us. We did an interview with the people who live in Canterbury. At 2:45pm (English time) we left Canterbury.


We took again the shuttle. In the bus, we watched Merlin. At 7:30pm, we were in Roubaix with our photographs and souvenirs. The day in Canterbury was amazing.


Martin DELSART, Priscillat CORNET, Antoine RAMADAS 5°C

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